Personio was founded in 2015 and is a fast growing, well-funded software startup based in Munich that offers a holistic HR and applicant management software designed for companies with 10 to 1000 employees. With its more than 220 employees from 34 different countries Personio works on making the day-to-day business operations of HR teams around the world more efficient, transparent and effortless. Working at Personio We work in mission-based teams, have a thing for good coffee and appreciate results more than dress code. At Personio we value knowledge and reasoning over seniority, when it comes to "calling the shots"​ and share a good sense of humor that keeps us going during tough times. Immerse yourself in the complexity of our startup world, take full responsibility for your area and seize the opportunity to play a decisive role in shaping our company during its growth phase. Who we are looking for Whether interns, junior or senior managers - in order to achieve our ambitious goal, we are looking for the best talents for our teams in the following areas: - Customer Success - Business Intelligence - Finance & Legal - Marketing - People & Organization - Product & Engineering - Sales Join our journey and build the leading HR platform in Europe with us. What are you waiting for? Apply now at

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-30.83% since last round

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Estimated multiplier for Personio

20.81x revenue

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Last round

The last round was 2 months ago.


May 2022



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Multiple at last round

15.23x revenue

Today's multiple

13.87x revenue




Industry – Enterprise Software

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Adobe Systems Incorporated


Autodesk Inc


10.28x Inc


Snowflake Inc.


Cloudflare Inc


Valuation history
Fundraising rounds
DateRound Amount raised Valuation
May 2022Venture Round$48M$0
Oct 2021Series E$269M$6.3B
Jan 2021Series D$125M$1.6B
Jan 2020Series C$75M$425M
Jan 2019Series B$40M$0
Aug 2017Series A$12M$0
Jul 2016Seed Round$2.5M$0

With a revenue of $283M and a Hype Multiple of 1.5x,
Personio is estimated to be worth $5.9B.